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A lightweight GitHub widgets plugin for your blog. Includes shortcode for embedding GitHub hosted Gists/files and buttons for:

  • Follow
  • Watch
  • Star
  • Fork
  • Download
  • Issue

The plugin implements¬†ntkme’s ‘github-buttons’ and GitHub’s gist display as shortcodes.

I decided to make this plugin as I’m intending on sharing more bits of code on my blog and thought this would probably be a handy bit of functionality that others may also get some use out of.¬† I’ve also never really created a proper official WordPress plugin before and thought this would be a good starting point.

The plugin is open source, any contributions are welcome.  You can find the full documentation at the repository page on GitHub.



Buttons include attributes to display counts and change button size.


Gists are added easily by adding the Gist ID within the Gist short code tags.

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